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orchid tour sardinia

Orchid tour

Discover the countless species of wild Sardinian orchids!

Fabulous furry Mirror Orchids are commonplace and there are Man Orchids, elegant Sword-leaved Helleborines and Serapias lingua to keep photographers occupied. This is a re-markable area for bee orchids. As well as widespread Sawfly Orchid there's Ophrys eleonorae with glowing lips of blue and purple, endemic Ophrys chestermannii with large velvety flowers, and the gorgeous grey, purple and pink oval-lipped Ophrys morisii. Towards the coast lies a pinewood where the im-pressive flowers of the tongue orchids Serapias cordigera will impress. Violet Limodores will be about to flower and in the driest spots blooms the unusual bulb Simethis mattiazii.

Available from May to September
Duration: half day
Difficult: easy

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