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Hotel in Oliena

The Hotel is here, surrounded by blue sky, red geraniums, hydrangeas, bougainvilleas and prickly pears. This hotel is all about the tradition, art and culture of a part of the world that is at once rugged and smooth. Every detail expresses the authenticity of this land: the furnishings and materials used are as Sardinian as they come, including juniper wood, ancient ceramics, terracotta and white plaster with periwinkle inlays – the same blue that is used to dye the traditional costumes of Oliena. This place encapsulates the very essence of Sardinian culture: untainted nature, ancient customs, time-honoured cuisine and great hospitality.

Every rooms embodies Sardinia's history and is a little work of art summing up the lives and labours of patient weavers, nomadic shepherds and talented artists. The rooms are a sequence of surprises and marvels that are very much worth discovering.

The aromas then come thick and there is a gastronomic itinerary composed of the fragrances and flavours of tradition, all of which are a delight to discover. The lunches and dinners have simple, rich, unforgettable perfumes.

Although the wonderful Sardinian seaside is just a handful of kilometres away, the swimming pool  is an excellent alternative. 25 metres long, the water in it comes exclusively from the Su Gologone spring, just 500 metres from the hotel. Alongside, there are two hydromassage tubs (one located among the olive trees), as well as the gym with its Technogym-brand equipment.

The property also offers yoga classes, an olfactory journey through herbs, art tours, exhibitions and musical performances, a library and a billiard room

Moments of relaxation and pleasure, spirituality and playfulness, leisure and discovery – all with a view to taking home memories that are even more intense, unique and unforgettable. 

Wedding and private party
Meeting e convention
Business lunch/dinner
Sport animation
Air conditioning
Rental bikes
Conference hall
Transfer services
Game room

Hotel in Oliena

Località su Gologone, 08025 Oliena NU 08025 Oliena (NU)

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