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Relais in Montegridolfo

Relais in Montegridolfo area

The Relais, situated on the boundary between the Romagna and Marche regions, lies in the green hills of the Valconca valley, which descend gradually towards the Adriatic Sea, only few kilometres away. Surrounded by a beautiful garden it commands a panoramic view over a countryside dotted with abandoned fortresses, towers ancient churches and a small historical sites.
The natural earth tones throughout the ancient castle and the village, and all the antic objects within it, will transport your imagination to medieval times. The Relais offer a wide range of accommodations, for a romantic escape or an enchanting holiday with your family or friends. Rooms are elegantly furnished, with attention to all details and inspire a sense of leisure and intimacy,

Wedding and private party
Meeting e convention
Business lunch/dinner
Air conditioning
Outside parking
Reception 24 h
Luggage transport

Relais in Montegridolfo area

Via Roma, 38 47837 Montegridolfo(RN)

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