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4×4 Guided Tours of Carrara marble quarries

An unique experience!

The Apuan Alps, located in front of Pruneta di Sopra villa, hide within their shape a real treasure: the marble, a material of great quality and beauty, appreciated all over the world and used for various purposes such as the construction industry (for the production of coatings, ornaments, accessories etc …) and for artistic purposes (sculptures, basreliefs and other applications). The Romans, from the first century B.C. started the extraction of this precious material from these mountains and even the famous Renaissance sculptor and artist, Michelangelo Buonarroti, personally selected the best blocks of Carrara marble to create real masterpieces such as the “Pietà” and the “David”.
Now, you can, thanks to all-terrain vehicles and specialized guides, make very interesting tours of the most impressive Carrara marble quarries.
The daily tour starts at 9.30 from Carrara.

Duration: 3h30


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