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Guided Suggestive in Garfagnana woods by night

Guided Suggestive in Garfagnana woods by night

A trail with a unique taste!

The 3 hours night suggestive walking on one of the local paths (called sentiero del Moro) starts from the village of Sillico, in Garfagnana; this is a trail with a unique taste: from the church square of Sillico, the visitors will reach the near villages through chestnut woods and forests.
After a brief visit to the village of Sillico, you will be immersed in a sort of fairytale. As visitors move away from the village, stars will take the place of the artificial lights and sounds and scents of the chestnut woods will awake the senses of the hikers in the dark of night. The guide will bring the visitors to visit a “metato“, a traditional stone structure of Garfagnana  used to dry chestnuts.
Recommended equipment: suitable clothing for the season, rain jacket, umbrella in case of uncertain weather, suitable shoes (like sneakers or hiking shoes), half a liter of water, some biscuits or light snacks.
Meeting point: in front of the church of Sillico village. This walk is available also during the day.
Headlamp provided by the guide

(day light walk is available too)


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