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Guided tour of Portofino, cooking exhibition and tasting lunch

Guided tour of Portofino, cooking exhibition and tasting lunch

Escaping from the pirates at Portofino!

Alarm! Alarm! From the Tower of Vedetta of St. Margherita Ligure, Silvia has just caught sight of the Corsican pirates! The bell starts to ring with sinister tolls. Quickly! We must run to the Mountain. Do not be afraid, we should definitely find  good refuge in the bush and we could survive by discovering the resources that nature has provided for us!
But hurry now, take provisions and small possessions, we are to meet at the Torre del Porto (Tower of Port), Silvia said she would guide us.
With the help of Silvia we would dive into the XIIIth century events,  the time when Corsican pirates used to ravage the richest part of Liguria, forcing the fishermen to move house to the hills of the present day Portofino Park. We will understand the consequences of such escape on the lifestyle of the fishermen who, obliged to hide from the plunderers, had to become farmers and mountaineers.  We will walk over the paths of the Park, learning to recognise and cook with the forest herbs in order to prepare Genovese pesto according to the traditional recipe handed down to the innkeeper’s wife of the Antica Locanda of Mulino del Gassetta. Special surprises will not be missing when later we go down to the exclusive beaches along the course leading to Portofino, where, in the shoes of the survived fugitives, we will gather to celebrate the “Grazia Ricevuta” (Received Grace), at the ancient Church of Saint George.   

- Silvia will take you to spot the Corsican Pirates on the Port Tower of Santa Margherita Ligure
- You will take with Silvia the public bus up to Nozarego
- A walk in the Park of Portofino Mountain to collect herbs, enjoy incredible gashes of unspoiled nature, of breath-taking landscape to eternalise by means of camera clicks
- Visit of the Mulino del Gassetta (Mill of Gassetta)
- Demonstration of cooking typical meals of local herbs as main ingredients
- Lunch with the dishes prepared during the cooking demonstration as well as other local products
- Going down to the secret beaches of Portofino
- Celebration of “Per Grazia Ricevuta” (For Received Grace) at the Saint George Church


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