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Bike tour along Mincio's river

Mantua and Mincio Valleys in mountain bike

A discovery tour of the Mincio valleys

A discovery tour of the Mincio valleys by cycling along a flat course, also suitable for less experienced biker, with a stop in Massimbona to visit one of the oldest water mills dating from the year 1000. You will cycle along the River and its valleys on country roads or streets for the most part unpaved and short sections of cycle lanes or uncrowded paved roads, immersed in nature as far as Rivalta, where you will visit the museum of the river. The trail continue for “Le Grazie” where, through the dense maze of branches and canals that from the Mincio, you can see still wild and preserved areas that allow you to admire the natural vegetation of the marsh areas. By passing along the lakes surrounded by a green park you will reach the historic center of Mantua, ruled for centuries by the Gonzaga dynasty.

Points of interest covered by the tour:
-    Borghetto
-    Massimbona
-    Goito
-    Rivalta sul Mincio
-    Sanctuary of Grace
-    The valleys of the Mincio Natural Reserve
-    Mantova


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