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Visit of a distillery with tasting of typical  Grappa

Visit of a distillery with tasting of typical Grappa in Castion of Zappola

An unique experience to discover the best way to enjoy a grappa

Grappa must not be served too cold, and never too hot. The ideal serving temperature for Young Grappas and Young Aromatic Grappas is between 9°C and 13°C. Whereas, with rare exceptions, Aged Grappas should be tasted at a temperature of 17°C. When in doubt, it is always better to serve them at a lower rather than higher temperature. A Grappa served a bit too cool can always be warmed in the palm of the hand in order to bring out all its bouquet. But the opposite is not possible.
Similar attention must be paid to the tasting glass. It consists of a tulip-shaped glass of average size (100-150 mm), not too narrow at the mouth, and strictly in crystal glass. Brandy balloons and similar are to be avoided. The upper bell-shape of the tasting glass allows a gradual release of the fragrances.


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