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Polvese island tour

Visit of Polvese island

A jewel in the Trasimeno Lake!

This beautiful route starts from the last houses of St. Archangel, from the area of Borgo Cenaioli. You go up to a dirt road through the olive trees to get to take the Path of Peace that salt penetrating to the wood, until you get to Pianella: from this vantage point you can enjoy a first view from the lake Trasimeno and on the island Polvese. Continue on the road that goes into the woods, uphill decided. In this stretch the richness of the stain is still evident. After "La Source" continue going up to a long path leading to a clearing of the park with tables and benches. Continue on the road that leads into the forest. From here you can enjoy views of the Castle Montalera and hills of Panicale and Piegaro.
When you come out of the woods in the distance on the left you can see Agello and hills towards Perugia and in the background the Apennines with a breath-taking view.
Suggested seasons: spring, summer, autumn

Time: 02:30 h
Length: 9.65 km
Degree of difficulty: Medium

Min Pax
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