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Visita Verona


The city of love!
Famous throughout the world as "the city of love" thanks to Shakspeare who set  here the tragedy Romeo and Juliet, Verona is an authentic jewel of the Veneto region. It is made in layers, where on a base of impressive Roman monuments and fascinating ruins, engage elegant Romanesque churches, towers, picturesque squares, houses and Renaissance and Gothic palaces, richly decorated during the long and prosperous Venetian period. Visiting the city you can admire all its aspects and its treasures hidden in the streets, in the secluded squares and under the arcades of its glorious past. 
Beside the historical center, declared World Heritage by UNESCO for its incredible mix of architecture from various eras that coexist perfectly, Verona also boasts a remarkable calendar of events that take place throughout the year and make it a lively and vibrant city, always in step with the times. 


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